Photo: Antti Suniala
Race Horse Company – Rompecabezas

Premiere at Stoa, Helsinki 26.10.2022

Rompecabezas is an intimate spectacle of three circus artists and one dancer where success hangs by a thread. The name comes from the spanish word for a puzzle or a headbreaker, which describes the show and its creation.

The show has three parts where circus artists Kalle Lehto, Guillermo Leon and Poppy Plowman and dancer Minna Liimatainen perform versatile circus skills. The artistic team is literally hanging from their hair and from each other to pull through.

Kalle Lehto is an award-winning circus artist, known also for his work as a director for shows Chevalier and Club Carousel. Minna Liimatainen is an outstanding dancer from the Finnish National Opera & Ballet and specialized in hairhanging-acrobatics. Poppy Plowman flies dancing on a tight wire and Guillermo Leon is charismatic master of comedy and juggling.

The atmospheric lighting design is by June Horton-White. Josu Mämmi and Sami Tammela combine jazz and electronic music in their sound design and musical compositions. Tammela is a RHC favorite known for music for the international hit show Super Sunday and Mämmi is a composer and musician boldly combining pop-esthetics with jazz and minimalism and also leads the Josu Mämmi Trio.

Director: Kalle Lehto

Artists: Kalle Lehto, Minna Liimatainen, Poppy Plowman, Guillermo Leon

Lighting design: June Horton-White

Sound design & compositions: Josu Mämmi, Sami Tammela

Production: Kalle Lehto, Antti Suniala, Race Horse Company

Piilotettu historia / Hidden History

An alternative travel guide to Helsinki.

Release date 19.8.2021. Ongoing until May 2023.

Hidden History is a site-specific audio experience that brings to life ten lesser-known events in the history of Helsinki. The stories are hidden in AR-triggers that you can find through a game of geocaching.

Stories & concept: June Horton-White

Sound design & composition: Niklas Nybom

Voice actors: Tuuli Heinonen & Wilhelm Enckell

Narrated in Finnish, Swedish and English.

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