My three favourite things are rooftops, abandoned places and illusions.

A rooftop can make one see clearly or feel isolated. 
Abandoned places in the external world contain stories that one can put together like puzzles, whilst their internal counterparts hide something strong and hurtful and potent.
Illusions can be very complicated social structures – and the studying of such is always a journey into a culture. Illusions in performing arts can evoke a stronger sense of realisation than an intellectual approach ever could.

I find in all of these great inspiration. To express these ideas I often utilise natural light & reflection, graphic shadows and/or heavy contrasts of colour.
As an artist I strive to compose moments that will evoke questions, incite dialogue and affect beyond momentary emotion. 

MOSCA – ettei sitä olekaan

Premiere in Theatre Academy, Helsinki 05.10.2022.

A collaborative piece that explores impression through abstract movement and sound. Light, music and dance form beautiful and terrible pictures that will resonate and excite long after you leave the theatre.

Choreographers: Jenni Nikolajeff & Elina Kivioja

Musical director: Risto Kupiainen

Lighting designer: June Horton-White

Sound designer: Oscar Fagerudd

On stage: Jesse Gyllenbögel, Akseli Ilvesniemi, Ronja Keiramo, Betadi Mandunga, Mitra Matouf, Samuel Onatsu, Emma Pälsynaho, Lina Schiffer, Alvari Stenbäck, Saku Taittonen

Photography: Milja Laakso

Katastrofiesitys / Catastrophe Performance

Not going back to normal – or the Catastrophe Performance is a punk performance about the end of the world. It is experimental physical theatre about the alienation, reactions, and adaptation caused by a societal crisis or catastrophe.

Premiere in Tiivistämö, Helsinki 08.03.2022.

The group consists of artists that have worked in Höyhentämö-Pluckhouse for a long time. In the group and on stage are: Akseli Aittomäki, Jenni Kokkomäki, Kati Korosuo, Aarni Korpela, James Lórien MacDonald, Minja Mertanen, Teemu Päivinen ja Juha Sääski.

Lighting designer: June Horton-White

Sound designer: James Lórien MacDonald

Photography: Tani Simberg and Tristan Petsola

Rutimo Collective – Lemons

An unapologetic dance piece by Rutimo Collective stirs up conversation about femininity, hip hop culture, privilege and the significance of physical connection.

Premiere 14.9.2021 at Koko-teatteri, Helsinki

Choreographer: Kaisa Nieminen
Dancers: Huong Hoang, Lilli Huttula, Hanna Kortelainen ja Sini Tuominen
Sound designer: Sebastian Kurtén
Lighting designer: June Horton-White

Grande Finale 2021

One evening, five talented young circus artists, nine acts.

Premiere: 22.5.2021 at Köysiteatteri, Turku Arts Academy

Performers: Saila Jantunen, Nella Toivanen & Ritva Bergström, Jenni Asunen, Rosa Laukkanen, Enni Kastari

Lighting design: June Horton-White, except in the piece Irregular Orbits by Horton-White & Ville Saarikoski

Photos: Ville Saarikoski


Aktivistinäytelmä III

Third part of the Activist trilogy. Helena Kallio’s text mirrors our time through activism, from 1960’s to present day.

Premiere in Koko Theatre, Helsinki 25.09.2020

Director: Helena Kallio

On stage: Anni Elif Egecioglu, Tuuli Heinonen, Anna Veijalainen

Music: Anni Elif Egecioglu

Lighting designer: June Horton-White

Costume designer: Virve Karoliina Balk

Choreography: Anna Veijalainen

Photography: Heidi Bergström, Sini Salo

Graphic designer: Heidi Bergström


Merisairas – Sea sick

Cross-artistic collaboration about climate change and an attempt to handle the anxiety it provokes.

Premiere in Kapsäkki, Helsinki 08.12.2020.

SO III (Suvi Oskala, Oskari Lehtonen & Teemu Korpipää)
Dancer: Sini Siipola 
Sea receachers: Olli Mustonen ja Pauliina Saarman 
Dramaturgy: Ulla Pulkka 
Lighting design: June Horton-White 
Editor: Jenni Saaristo 
Director: Elina Lajunen
Producer: Paula Susitaival
​Photo: Mari Solja

See teaser here:

Kapsäkki web page & tickets: https://kapsakki.fi/merisairas/

Höyhentämö – Losing concept(s) of self but still talking

Premiere in Cable Factory, Helsinki 28.2.2020

Losing the Concept(s) of Self – but Still Talking traces the moments when we lose ourselves and the world as we thought we knew it.
But then, as the speech continues, the movement continues – and the world is again as we remembered it. To some extent.

Concept & choreography:
Teemu Päivinen, Jenni Kokkomäki, Jonna Lehto, Gabriele Goria
​Lighting Design: June Horton-White
Sound design: Miro Mantere


Agit-Cirk – 2+2+2

Premiere in Stoa, Helsinki 15.11.2019

2+2+2 is a contemporary circus performance where four artists use dance and circus shamelessly as their playground. This show is about skill, absurd humor and exploring different roles of men and women in the absence of a narrative frame.

Performers: Jenni Lehtinen, Sasu Peistola, Riia Kivimäki, Saku Mäkelä
Lighting design. June Horton-White 
Sound design: Joonas Outakoski
Photo: Miikkael Kukkula



Kompani Giraff – Tråkmånsafton

A circus show of the world’s most boring day. Based on Adam Dahlin’s children’s book and dramatized for stage by Stina Oscarson.
Premiere 15th of September 2018 in Fria Teatern, Stockholm.

On stage: Julietta Birkeland, Jenny Soddu, Jean-Hicham Ramoun
Director: Viktoria Dalborg
Music: Magnus Larsson
Scenography and costume: Sus Soddu
Lighting design: June Horton-White
Photos: Isak Stockås



Weimar – Jakten på Zodiaken

En tidsresa till Weimar-republiken i jakten på problemet med jakten av lösningen.
En närvaro av en gäst vars frånvaro håller samman hela skiten.
En rörelse eller ett tillstånd?
Hur börjar något, hur uppstår gestalterna och hur faller de ur sin mening och betydelse? Hur länge står vi ut med att inte veta vilka vi är och vart vi är på väg?
En total paranoia som med ett djupt andetag i stormens öga erbjuder ett undersökande av scenens existentiella dimensioner, både för aktörer och åskådare.

På scen: Wilhelm Enckell, Minni Gråhn, Kristofer Gummerus, Petra Heinänen, Tuuli Heinonen, Alexander Holmlund, Salla Loper, Sannah Nedergård, Alexander Wendelin, Klara Wenner Tångring, Ole Øwre
Regi: Anders Carlsson
Koreografi, scenografi och kostym: Andriana Seecker 
Dramaturgi: Ilja Lehtinen (D), Per Ehrström (ED)
Ljusdesign: June Horton-White (V)
Ljudkonst: Derek Holzer, Elina Pirinen
Produktions assistenter: Iina Pätsi, Saana Sivonen (Metropolia)
Premiär: fre 6 april 2018 kl. 19


Circus OZ – Rock Bang!

The Coopers Malthouse, Merlyn Theatre, Melbourne
15.-25. November 2018

Circus Oz present a collaboration with Otto & Astrid
Rock Bang – A circus rock opera.

Director: Rob Tannin
Lighting designer: Richard Fabre
Production assistant: June Horton-White
Photos: Mark Turner

Distracted and inspired by the extraordinary bendy feats of the Circus Oz acrobats, Otto & Astrid quickly descend into squabbling, throwing rehearsed circus routines and songs into spectacular chaos.
Rock Bang is a riotous hard-rocking Circus Oz explosion detonated by Otto & Astrid.
Full cast: https://malthousetheatre.com.au/site/assets/uploaded/b3716ce5-circusoz_rockbang_program.pdf 



Glitch Itch

at Theatre Academy of Helsinki
Premiere 9.2.2017 klo 16.00

Director: Maia Häkli
Dramaturgy: Onerva Hannula
On stage: Elviira Kujala, Nenna Tyni, Asta Sveholm, Pyry Kähkönen
Sound: Pekka Kiiliäinen
Light: June Horton
Set, costume & photography: Anastasia Paretskoi



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